Writer’s Block: That frustrating thing we ALL deal with.

I read two very different articles recently on Writer’s Block. Both of them had good points. Both of them inspired me to break my blog writer’s block. They BOTH get credit for this particular blog.

Writer’s block is something that everyone faces at one time or another. It can be anything from not knowing what to put in a Thank You card or where to take that recently started fanfic.

With me, I find that Writer’s block comes in two different forms, but I do believe it’s stems from the same things. The first form is that I look at a chapter over and over, and SWEAR  it needs more. Sometimes it ‘feels’ too long. Then I’m stuck agonizing over the chapter, and no writing is getting done. I call this perfectionist writers block.

The second type I end up dealing with usually occurs when I get an idea for a new WIP. I’ll sit there, and KNOW what I want to write, but  the how of it escapes me. Then I start thinking about the millions of other projects I already started. It gets pretty bad sometimes. And many of my friends will tell you that I am not always pleasant to be around when I’m going through Writer’s Block. I acknowledge this myself. I generally don’t talk to anyone in person when this is happening.

So, where do theses forms of writers block come from? It varies from person to person, but I noticed in myself that they may stem from over creating. Yes, there is a such thing. I’ve tried taming it down, but sometimes my muses are TOO strong. At that point, I just write as often as I can.

Beating these forms of writer’s block isn’t difficult, unless you think too hard about it. What usually helps me is if I’m working on a fanfic or some other thing related to genre I’m stuck on. I’ll be working on that project, and suddenly, an idea will strike for the WIP. I immediately stop what I’m doing, and write.  That’s the best way I’ve found to cure my particular problem.

Writer’s block, to me, is not fun, but as a writer, I feel like it might be necessary evil. Like taking nasty cough syrup in order to find the cure. Sometimes it takes writer’s block before I’ll realize, “hey, you’re overdoing it!”

Take writer’s block for what it is! And WRITE it out.

Credit for this blog goes to David Hunter, who’s fantastic article on Writer’s Block has been helping me more than he will know.  His blog can be found here:  http://davidhuntershaw.blogspot.com/. Credit must also go to Melissa Karanaze, who wrote a great how to article on writer’s block for http://www.copyblogger.com. It can be found here: http://www.copyblogger.com/use-writers-block/

Special thanks to Trisha J. Wooldridge  and Shannon Delany for being guiding forces in my search for reasons.


One Response to “Writer’s Block: That frustrating thing we ALL deal with.”

  1. Shannon Delany/Saoirse Redgrave Says:

    Great post! I think the approach to writing out writer’s block is a terrific one! And realizing you get blocked if you over create–that’s one of those things you can only figure out personally through self-examination. I’m so happy you’re finding techniques that work for you and help you on your journey–keep it up! 🙂


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